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Maine Lighthouse Building and Fire Code Consulting
From single family dwellings to twenty six story high-rises, from footings and foundations, to roofing and windows, New England Code Consulting can help you navigate the intricacy of the building and fire codes. Whether you are in the design stage or in need of a certificate of occupancy, we can decipher the necessary code requirements. Our staff has a combined 45 years in interpreting and enforcing building and fire codes and are certified by the International Code Counsel (ICC). We are also able to help you apply for state modifications of building and fire code issues.

Plan Review
New England Code Consulting offers complete plan reviews to municipalities and design professionals. Our entire plan reviews are performed by ICC certified plan reviewers. We can also help in the preliminary design phase during development of your working drawings. Email us or call for a quote on reviewing your current or upcoming project at or call (860) 599 - 2633.

ADA Code Compliance
New England Code Consulting has extensive experience negotiating the complex Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements that affect construction and renovation. We offer on-site inspections of existing facilities to identify compliance requirements and can recommend and help you develop solutions for your compliance requirements.

Continuing Education
We provide continuing education seminars to Architects, Engineers, and Building and Fire Officials that are current, useful, and relevant to your specific profession. We tailor our seminars to fit the need of any group, small or large. Our seminars include relevant state amendments for each code cycle and legislative session to provide you with the most current and beneficial information available. Mark W. Tebbets, M.C.P, and owner of New England Code Consulting has taught BOCA and ICC classes nationwide. He teaches a variety of training seminars on the ICC building codes. Since 1997 he has been an adjunct faculty member at Three Rivers Community College teaching building code classes.