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Litigation Support
Ocean House Expertise in codes, construction practices, and building design is the basis for New England Code Consulting litigation support services. Mark W. Tebbets M.C.P. has 15 years of experience in writing opinions, being deposed and testifying for both the plaintiff and defense in civil procedures.
  • Building and Fire Code Interpretations and Compliance
  • Construction accident and OSHA compliance
  • Contract scope and workmanship investigations
  • Personal injury investigations related to Building Code compliance
  • Americans with Disabilities Act access issues
  • Expert Witness testimony for Plaintive and defendant

We can make on-site inspections or review photos and plans for compliance.

New England Code Consulting has a nearly complete library of all the Building and Fire Codes that Connecticut and the other New England States have used since the early 1970's. We are happy to research and provide copies of the appropriate Code references.